Discover the Gamakay Planet Series Switches

Discover the Gamakay Planet Series Switches

From Linear to tactile, here is for you to know which mechanical switches to choose. Explore our wide range of mechanical switches to find the perfect one for your needs.

A good keyboard will come with several types of key switches. The following three types of switches are commonly found on the market

  1. Linear: smooth and move directly from the top to the keys without any resistance.
  2. Tactile: Raised surface to provide tactile response while typing
  3. Clicky: Ensures a beautiful sound with every tap. 

Since the first generation of Gamakay switches, we have targeted two types of users:

1. Users who need to work in a quiet environment, such as students and office workers.

2. Users who need to work during the day and would like to play games at night.

The newly released switches feature improved internals and upgraded materials.

These switches offer a much improved typing experience and lighting effects.Also,we are considering your needs at all, we have prepared the Linear and tictile switches. For the update of the Gamakay Planetary Series switches, you can find a guide in the following description. In the Planet Series, there are Mars Tactile, Mercury Linear, Jupiter Linear and Venus Tactile mechanical switches.

The top housing is made of transparent material and uses light guides to improve light passage and make the light more eye-catching; the 3-5 pin slots are compatible with most hot-swappable keyboards.

Gamakay planet series mechanical switches- Mars tactile switches for keyboard
Using the Light guide pillars, the planet series mechanial switch with the eye-catching light effect compre to the noraml Gamakay switchesGamakay planet series- venus tactile switches for keyboard

What is the difference between the Planet Series switches?

 Gamakay mechanical switches carateristics- Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars,Phoenix, Griffin, Pegasus switches for keyboards


The Gamakay Planet series are 3-5pin switches and they are compatible with most of the how-swappable keyboards on the market

Compared to the Phoenix and Pegasus, the Mercury has less force at 30gf Min compared to the 35gf Min they both have, so the Mercury only requires you to move one step to finish typing, and your fingers will feel comfortable because it's as smooth as a hot knife cutting through butter.

If you are a fan of linear switches but still have more feedback when typing, use the Jupitor Linear Switch. When pressed, it's smooth at the beginning and in the middle and will make you feel more pressure to complete the click.

Venus and Mars are tactile switches that respond heavily when pressed and can feel a big jump from the bottom to the top.


Conclusion-who will need the plante switches?

Mercury Switch (40G):

Ideal for daily office tasks due to its light pressure, smooth feel, and quiet sound.


Jupiter Switch (50G)

Versatile choice for both office work and gaming, featuring a crisp sound and comfortable typing.


Venus Switch (40G Advance Large Paragraph):

Offers a classic typewriter-era feel with strong feedback and crisp bottoming sound.


Mars Switch(50G Advance Large Paragraph):

Provides a clear paragraph feel with a strong damping effect, suitable for tasks requiring strong feedback.

The rank of the switches base on the force

Mercury<Phoenix< venus< Jupiter< Mars

The rank of the swiches base on sound test

Mercury< Phoenix< Jupiter< Venus< Mars

''They all have the same travel distance of 3.30mm, with the Mercury and Venus switches sharing the same actuation force of 40g. You can feel it in how light and easy they are to type on. My personal favorite is the Venus switches for that reason – providing a nice clickiness and tactile feedback without requiring too much force to activate. '' Alisa James-

The Planet series switches are available on the gamakay store and Amazon sotre

with the better price to get 45pcs or 90pcs from 13.99$ to 25.99$.

Also we also have the prebuilt version come with the LK75 mechanical keyboard with the smart display and knob as well, only 119$

What is your options? buy it from today!

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