Gamakay LK75 75% Mechanical Keyboard with TFT Smart Display & Knob

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【Compact keyboard】Gaket-mount 75% keyboard layout and knob desgin
【Eye-catching features 】Multi-function TFT HD Smart Display & Knob
【Easy to use】Trip-mode connections and work on Mac and Windos os
【Ready at any moment 】The battery life extend to 5000mah
【Increased efficiency】Pre-set Photoshop shortcut

Gamakay LK75 75% Mechanical Keyboard with TFT Smart Display & Knob

Grayish Black / Pegasus Switch - $99.99
  • Grayish Black / Pegasus Switch - $99.99
  • Grayish Black / Venus Switch
  • Grayish Black / Mercury Switch - $99.99
  • Grayish Black / Mars Switch - $99.99
  • White / Phoenix Switch
  • White / Pegasus Switch
  • White / Venus Switch
  • White / Jupiter Switch
  • White / Mercury Switch
  • White / Mars Switch
  • Grayish Black / Phonenix Switch - $99.99
  • Grayish Black / Jupiter Switch - $99.99

Gamakay LK75's Advanced Playability: Enhance Your Experience on TFT Display

A Fully Customizable 75% Layout Mechanical KeyboardUnlock Higher Playability and Productivity with TFT Smart Display

The GAMAKAY LK75 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is designed for gamers who demand high performance and reliability. This keyboard features a compact design with 83 keys, making it easy to carry and use anywhere. The keys are made from high-quality mechanical switches that offer tactile feedback and a satisfying click sound when pressed, making it perfect for gaming or typing.

【Multi-function TFT HD Smart Display & Knob】

GK GAMAKAY LK75 keyboard has built-in brand new 0.99 inch TFT HD knob screen, making this wireless mechanical keyboard fun! it enters the screen control mode by "FN+press the knob".

Display functions: keyboard light mode, light brightness, light rate, screen brightness, connection mode (wired/2.4G/Bluetooth), GIF and images.

It can also customize the screen display content through the software. The default Knob function: Volume+ / Volume- / Play / Stop.

Hot-swappable GamaKay Switch.

High-quality PCB supports 3/5-pin hot-swappable, so you can enjoy the fun of making your own unique pc gaming keyboard without soldering. The GamaKay Switch improves the accuracy and initial pressure of the switch, effectively prevents false touches, triggers faster, and has strong stability. It is an ideal switch for long-term gaming keyboard use and gamers.

Gamakay Lk75 mechanical come with venus switches, and this keyboard is in color black
Gamakay LK75 mechanical keyboard comes with phoenix switches

To be a true silent keyboard

The Gamakay LK75' PC plate and PCB are Top Mount. This makes the keyboard more stable and gives a relatively consistent typing experience and sound and results in reducing harshness in the typing feel.

Built-in PET pad which is an environmentally, recyclable material better than plastic; The Bottom Silicone Pad + PCB sandwich Silicone Pad + Spacebar form aims to absorb the extra noise and reduce the keys and space bar upstroke, keyboard shaking noise, spring ping noises, etc.

 MDA  layout keycaps

The keyboard comes with MDA White Orange keycaps / PBT 5-sided heat-sublimation Constellation keycaps are available. Get your favorite Gamakay keycaps and put them on the keyboard in the second

Extended battery life for uninterrupted use

With a powerful 5000mAh battery, the GK GAMAKAY LK75 offers long-lasting performance without the need for frequent charging. Enjoy extended gaming or work sessions without worrying about interruptions or low battery alerts


From the gaming happy time to the late-night work. Our intuitive Gamakay software also lets you fine-tune colors, brightness, and effect on a per-key level. pre-installed 16 million colors of RGB backlighting, support for music rhythms as well and light and shadow modes.

Gamakay LK75 75% Mechanical Keyboard with TFT Smart Display & Knob: A sleek and compact mechanical keyboard designed for productivity and style. Features a vibrant TFT Smart Display for customizable information at your fingertips. The tactile knob allows

Triple Mode + Multi-device Connection

This hot swappable keyboard supports 3 connection modes, including USB-C wired mode, 2.4G wireless mode and 3 Bluetooth mode.

Up to 5 devices can be connected via Bluetooth at the same time, and can be easily switched by the knob. Compatible with Win/Mac dual system, unlimited use. .

The Combination keys setting of Gamakay LK75 mechanical keyboard



  • Model: LK75
  • The number of keys: 75% 83 keys
  • Switch:
  • GamaKay Silent Switches (Phoenix, Griffin, Pegasus)
  • GamaKay planet Switches (Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars )
  • Keycap: MDA Profile Keycaps
  • Connection: TYPE-C Bluetooth 2.4G wireless
  • Structure: TOP Mount
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • Knob: TFT Smart Display & Knob 

What's in the box


1 * Gamakay LK75 75% Mechanical Keyboard with TFT Smart Display & Knob


1 * Type C cable


1* Switch Puller

1 * Keycap Puller


5 Pcs PBT OEM Profile Double Layer Keycaps


Download MAC OS

Download Mac OS For LK75

Windows OS

Window OS For LK75

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