Silent Magnetic switches VS Silent switches-Gamakay Phoenix

Silent Magnetic switches VS Silent switches-Gamakay Phoenix

With the introduction of the TK75HE Hall Effect keyboard, we've sparked curiosity among our customers about the Phoenix silent and hall effect magnetic switches. In an age where quietude is cherished, especially during late-night typing sessions or gaming marathons, the demand for silent keyboards has surged. Let's delve into the nuances of these silent switches and explore the differences between mechanical and magnetic variants.

What makes silent switches silent?

Understanding the science behind silent switches sheds light on their quiet operation. The structural intricacies of switches play a crucial role in dampening sound. When comparing the Phoenix silent switch and Gamakay Venus switches, one notices a key distinction: the stem. The absence of a protruding button on the Phoenix switch minimizes contact, effectively reducing noise levels. This top-to-bottom approach to clicking emphasizes silence, ensuring a disturbance-free typing experience.

The structure of the switches. The left is venuss switch, the right is from phoenix switch. the stem of the Phoenix switch lacks a protruding button, unlike the Gamakay Venus switch. This distinction is crucial as it affects the mechanism by which sound is dampened.
The spring will effect the travel distance and the actuation foce the switches. The left one is from Gamakay Venus, the right one is from Gamakay Phoenix switch.

Additionally, the diameter and stiffness of springs within switches influence tactile feedback and sound reduction. Smaller wire diameters and fewer coils result in greater spring stiffness, offering a firmer feel during key presses. Conversely, larger wire diameters and more coils yield softer springs, providing a gentler typing experience and contributing to overall quietness.

Mechanical vs. Magnetic Silent Structures

While both types offer silent operation, they adopt contrasting approaches. Traditional mechanical silent switches, such as our Phoenix Silent switches, rely on physical contact between metal components to register keystrokes. In contrast, magnetic switches utilize magnetic force to achieve near-silent operation. The absence of physical contact reduces friction, noise, and enhances durability and responsiveness.

Specification Comparison

Let's scrutinize the specifications of the Phoenix Magnetic Silent Switch and the Phoenix Silent Switch:

Specification Phoenix Magnetic Silent Switch Phoenix Silent Switch
Behavior Linear Linear
Travel Distance 4.0mm 3.30mm
Pre-travel (Actuation Distance) 2.00±0.5mm 2.00±0.6mm
Actuation Force 45±10gf 40±10gf
Min Trigger Force 40gf 35gf
End Force 60gf 45gf
Initial Magnetic Flux 150GS N/A
Bottom Magnetic Flux 2800GS N/A

Adjustability and Accuracy

Despite the higher actuation force and travel distance of the Phoenix Magnetic Silent Switch, users can fine-tune the actuation trigger point and travel distance via software. The higher minimum trigger force also reduces the likelihood of accidental keystrokes, ensuring enhanced accuracy and precision.

Sound Test of Phoenix Silent Switch- Hall effect Magnetic swtich

In conclusion, while both Phoenix Silent and magnetic switches offer silent operation, they cater to different preferences. Phoenix Silent switches provide a tactile typing experience with reduced noise levels, appealing to enthusiasts of traditional mechanical keyboards. On the contrary, magnetic switches offer unparalleled smoothness and durability, perfect for users seeking the ultimate silent typing experience.

Ultimately, the choice between mechanical and magnetic silent switches hinges on personal preference and usage requirements. Whether prioritizing tactile feedback, durability, or sheer silence, rest assured that the TK75HE Hall Effect keyboard with Phoenix Silent switches delivers a premium typing experience that won't disturb the peace.

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