Gamakay Keyboard Solutions: Continuous Updates for Swift Resolutions

Gamakay Keyboard Solutions: Continuous Updates for Swift Resolutions

To inform the customer of our newest information about the product, software, or any bugs, we make this doc to follow up on the latest news of the product's updated information. You can click the hyperlink to switch to the corresponding product sector. This document will keep updating. 

New upgrad:20240424( Bug fixed) For TK75HE Hall effect keyboard

Background: When pressing the switch, the switch is displaced, resulting in a false trigger of the continuous fast-triggered key issue

Solution: Downlaod the firmware: TK75 HE Upgrade Firmware ( New Version updated on 2024 04.24)  to fix the problem

New upgrade: 20240418 (Bug fixed) For TK75HE Hall effect keyboard


1.The old software version (220.2.74) does not support switching the rapid trigger mods by using the Combo keys. Switching the settings is not convenient, so we updated the firmware.

2.The fiscal manual that comes with the keyboard is wrong; please follow the PDF instructions to use the keyboard

Solution: Please download the new user manual to learn the FN combination keys. The PDF is correct, and there is no problem using the Como keys.

To quickly switch the rapid trigger mods, customers can download the new update frimware below then install in to the software(22.2.74).

TK75HE new manual

Tk75HE New firmware

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  • Please make low profile version of Pegasus and Phoenix silent switches.

    - modipo

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