GamaKay Mechanical Silent Switches - 35 Pcs/Pack or 70 Pcs/Pack

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LK75 with TFT Smart Display & Knob Keyboard World Premiere, the screen can be customized to set your favorite GIF animations and any pictures! NEW COLOR BLACK IS AVAILABLE

GamaKay Mechanical Silent Switches - 35 Pcs/Pack or 70 Pcs/Pack

35 Pcs/Pack / Bumblebee Switch - $11.99
  • 35 Pcs/Pack / Bumblebee Switch - $11.99
  • 35 Pcs/Pack / Phoenix Switch - $13.99
  • 35 Pcs/Pack / Crystal Switch - $11.99
  • 35 Pcs/Pack / Pegasus Switch - $13.99
  • 35 Pcs/Pack / Griffin Switch - $13.99
  • 70 Pcs/Pack / Bumblebee Switch - $21.99
  • 70 Pcs/Pack / Phoenix Switch - $25.99
  • 70 Pcs/Pack / Crystal Switch - $21.99
  • 70 Pcs/Pack / Pegasus Switch - $25.99
  • 70 Pcs/Pack / Griffin Switch - $25.99


GamaKay Mechanical Silent Switches - Linear/Tactile Phoenix, Pegasus, and Griffin - 35 Pcs/Pack or 70Pcs/Pack for DIY Gaming Keyboards

Gamakay Switches - Enhance Your Typing and Gaming Experience

Linear Silent Switch and Tactile Silent Switch Options

Gamakay Switches offers a range of high-quality mechanical switches to enhance your typing and gaming experience. Our Linear Silent Switch: Phoenix, Bumblebee, and Crystal provide a quiet and smooth typing experience that is perfect for use in shared workspaces or late-night gaming sessions.

With a linear design, it allows for fast and responsive typing, making it an excellent option for gamers and professionals who need to type quickly and accurately. The low profile of the Linear Silent Switch makes it ideal for use in slim and compact keyboards, while still providing a satisfying typing experience.

For those who prefer a more tactile typing experience, our Tactile Silent Switch, Pegasus and Griffin offer quiet and tactile feedback, providing satisfying feedback without the noise of traditional mechanical switches. The tactile design of the Tactile Silent Switch promotes comfortable and ergonomic typing, reducing strain and fatigue on your hands and wrists. With its high-precision feedback, it is an excellent option for professionals who need to type accurately and efficiently. 

Pre-lub Gamakay Switches

Brand: GamaKay
Switch: Crystal / Bumblebee Linear Switch ( Pre-lubed)
             Phoenix Linear Silent Switch  ( Pre-lubed)
(New) Pegasus / Griffin Tactile Silent Switch  ( Pre-lubed)

Switch parameters

Switch Name


Travel Distance


Actuation Force

Min trigger Force

End Force

Crystal Switch





30gf Min

65gf Max

Bumblebee Switch





35gf Min

65gf Max

Phoenix Switch





35gf Min

45gf Max


The latest Pegasus and Griffin Silent Switch, with a feel and trigger rebound that does not lose the Phoenix Switch, The following table provides a comprehensive explanation of the switch actuation and tactile feedback of each switch option:

The actuation and tactile feedback of the switches play a crucial role in providing a comfortable and responsive typing and gaming experience. The travel distance, pre-travel, actuation force, and tactile force of each switch option are designed to meet the needs of different users.

At Gamakay, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality switches that enhance their typing and gaming experience. Whether you prefer the quiet and smooth feel of our Linear Silent Switch or the quiet and tactile feedback of our Tactile Silent Switch, we have the perfect switch for you. Upgrade your keyboard today and experience the difference with Gamakay Switches.

For 10pcs Gamakay switches the Bumblebee Trial Pack 

The new switches of the Gamakay planet series are available at 45pcs/pack or 90pcs/pack

Package Included:

1 x 35 Pcs/pack Linear / Tactile Mechanical Pegasus Griffin / Phoenix / Crystal / Bumblebee Pre-lubed Switch


1 x 70 Pcs/pack Linear / Tactile Mechanical Pegasus / Griffin / Phoenix / Crystal / Bumblebee Pre-lubed Switch

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