The SN75 is Gasted-mount in top structure, with 81 keys. The pic is showing overview of the keyboard kit. (The SN75 is Barebone, the keycaps in the photo is model and not for sale in the SN75 package)The Gamakay SN75  Barebone with metal knob is a hot-swappable 75 layout mechanical keyboard kit, in Arcylic meterial to let you get more eye-attractive RGB light effect. Supports using under Windows, Mac, and linux, customs your keyboard light, keys and fuctions in the VIA program software. The keyboard kit can be used in bluetooth, wired cable, 2.4G. Your best 75 layout keyboard option if you don't like the TK75 prebulit keyboard.
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GamaKay CK87 80% Keyboard Customized KitGamaKay CK87 80% Keyboard Customized Kit

GamaKay CK87

GamaKay CK68 65% Keyboard Customized Kit color blackGamaKay CK68 65% Keyboard Customized Kit color white
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GamaKay CK68

This is a modding video for LK67 mechanical keyboard kit, in the video show how does this keyboard, including the  gasket-mout structure of the keyboard, the function of the nob. also it modding the keyboard with the mechanical switches. In the video you can see the RBG Ligh effect and the keyboard sound test. Gamakay LK67 65% Hot-swappable RGB Mechanical Keyboard Kit
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