Review : Gamakay LK67 with gamakay switches

Review : Gamakay LK67 with gamakay switches

This is the English version for review Gamakay LK67. Thanks to Tecnolocura give us the Spanish version. Spanish speaker please check here 

Today we bring you the Gamakay LK67 review. This is a compact keyboard in 65% format that offers a sensational design and wireless (triple connection: dongle, bluetooth and cable) and with PBT double trigger pudding keys. Also in this review we give the brief introduce for the three types of Gamakay's own switches : GamaKay Crystal / GamaKay Bumblebee / GamaKay Phoenix Silent Switch.

We will be able to choose to buy it with some of these swtich, without them or with other known models that they have in their web. As well as we can also choose if we want these pudding type keys or other more colorful. No doubt Gamakay has everything you need to get started in the world of custom keyboards.

We will introduce the product from these parts


Always starting with the first thing, the unboxing, we have a simple cardboard box with an advertising sticker on top with the model in question. Once we remove this sticker we are left with a simple elongated cardboard box where we have all the contents.

On one side, as soon as we open it we will see the keyboard wrapped in a protective plastic film and the simple manuals. On the right we have a small box where the brand incorporates the Dongle. As well as the USB Type-C nylon cable, the key and switch extractor and a sample switch for each of the models mentioned, i.e. GamaKay Crystal, Bumblebee and Phoenix.

Gamakay LK 67 with Gamakay switch

Box Contents

- Mechanical keyboard GamaKay LK67 white (you can choose other colors)

- Nylon Type C cable

- 2.4 GHz dongle receiver

- Pudding style PBT key (you can choose another model or make your own)

- GamaKay switch or other type of switch of your choice

- 3 sample GamaKay switches

In the product page, you can choose the switches you like. Gamakay will send 3 sample switches come up with the package so that you can try before buying in a next time. Gamakay crystal switch

(Gamakay Crystal)

Gamakay bumblebee switch

(Gamakay  Bumblebee)

Gamakay phoenix switch

(Gamakay  Phoenix) 

Thanks to Tecnolocura for giving us the unboxing video, which helps a lot for those readers who don't want to read so much. In this way, you can get a more direct understanding of the 65 keyboard.

We will introduce this proudct deeply from it's design to functions. 

Let's have a look on it design


Taking a look at the product in question, the Gamakay LK67 has a compact design, made of fairly good quality plastic. The construction is sturdy and feels heavy, which we like and gives the feeling of more quality.

Gamakay Lk67 Structure

Semi-translucent part-Rear side

We have this model in white, with a semi-translucent back that lets you see a little bit the PCB of the keyboard, and the RGB LED's when we have it turned on. Off course, you can choose other colors for example pink, green and blue.

Gamakay LK67 Semi-translucent part-Rear side

Semi-transparent white

This is of course subjective, but the overall design of the keyboard looks beautiful, even without keys or switches it is really nice. The stabilizers are pastel blue colored and moderately lubricated, and in the area of the space bar they have placed rubber in the lateral holes where the switch is located. Something we had never seen before and we think it's great, both to provide more body and soundproofing and to keep out dust and lint, since that area is usually a magnet for it.

 Multimedia quick controls

As you may have already noticed, we have a small and minimalist volume wheel, something that for us who are always listening to music is already essential. It is also made of semi-transparent plastic to let in the RGB lighting. And we feel it is sufficiently precise, besides not "dancing at all". It is also clickable, that is, in addition to being able to raise or lower the volume we can pause / play the music.

Gmakay LK67 with nob

Photos from:

Unboxing & Hands-On With the GamaKay LK67 Keyboard & DAGK Rosemary Keycap


Not only does it have these functions, but it will also indicate when the battery is running low, with red illumination. Why yes, this keyboard works wirelessly thanks to a 200mA battery.

Battery that by the way we have put approved, and that can last about 2 full days from 100% to 0% giving an intensive use of 8-10 hours a day. Because it can make us 16-20 hours in a row, depending on whether we have the lighting on or not, etc.. We disconnected it from the USB-C cable one day at 15:12 hours and we got up to 12:39 hours two days later. A more than sufficient battery, although we like to use it with cable.

TRIPLE connection

This is a triple mode connections keyboard : USB-Type C cable connection, connection via Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4 GHz Dongle connection. It will indicate when we have one of the three modes connected. For example, before changing the lighting if we turn it on in Bluetooth mode, the volume wheel will emit blue color.

At the top of the keyboard, just to the left above the trim we have a small drawing with the three types of connection. So that we don't have to look back if we don't remember where we place each one (good thinking). On the left wireless connection via Dongle 2.4Ghz, in the center wired connection and sliding to the right connection via bluetooth.

Gamakay LK67 top side


Ergonomics? 4.8 degrees of elevation

Perhaps in this section if we miss something more elevation, since to us those 4.8 degrees are a little short. But there will be people who find it more than enough or even more, everyone has their preferences, writing styles and tastes. Although this case if you include a folding legs would possibly break the aesthetics. For the elevation we have small rubber feet elongated on the inside and also in white.

Frees up space on the desktop

Measuring 33 cm (length) × 12 cm (height) × 4 cm (thickness). And weighing only about 990 grams.  With all the possibilities of a TKL keyboard but in a smaller size, 65% and 67 Pudding Keycap keys.

65% NKRO 67 keys

This Gamakay LK67 is a mechanical gaming 65 keyboard format with 67 keys, as we said. Which also comes with built-in NKRO (N-Key RollOver), which is more commonly known as Anti Ghosting. And that is the ability of a keyboard to recognize the pressing of several keys at once, that is, simultaneously.

That's is all the ''outside'' information about this keyboard, regard as it appraence?From one to Ten, How many ponits will  you give? Leave your comment below and let us konw. Let move to the ''inner''  side, we are going to talk about the switches! 


We've mentioned it before getting here a couple of times. We can buy our Gamakay LK67 to our liking, being a great option to start getting into the world of custom keyboards. Since we can choose to incorporate the brand's own switches: Gamakay Crystal, Gamakay Bumblebee or Gamakay Phoenix Silent. Or any other option, as well as the possibility of buying it without them, if we have at home some kind of switch already.
All three types of switches are linear, i.e. we will not notice any "click" along their travel, with the same sensation both at the beginning of the travel and until the end. There is also no sound at the point of actuation, the pulsation is smooth and moderately silent.

Gamakay switches

GamaKay Crystal vs GamaKay Bumblebee vs GamaKay Phoenix Silent

Switch parameters Behavior Travel Distance Pre-travel Actuation Force Min trigger Force End Force
Switch Name
Crystal Switch Linear 4.0mm 2.00±0.6mm 45±10gf 30gf Min 65gf Max
Bumblebee Switch Linear 4.0mm 1.30±0.5mm 45±10gf 35gf Min 65gf Max
Phoenix Switch Linear 3.30mm 2.00±0.6mm 40±10gf 35gf Min 45gf Max


For the more detail please click this Artical

GamaKay Crystal vs GamaKay Bumblebee vs GamaKay Phoenix Silent



The RGB lighting will be under the switches. That is, on the PCB board of the keyboard; and they are hot switches as we have already seen. So if you break one of them, you can simply . 

Gamakay RGB light

RGB illuminations with pastel tone colors is always one of the best we can find in any peripheral but especially in a keyboard. Undoubtedly the white color, helped by the pudding type keys and this semi-transparent back help the light to pass better, and thus the RGB is more intense. 

Function keys

Gamaky function key

Fn + A / S / D: We will have multimedia shortcuts.

Fn + Q / W / E: Bluetooth shortcuts

Lighting shortcuts and many more modes


This are the features of this keyboard we have Summarized:

- Equipped with GamaKay switches.

- New design, transparent top cover and solid color bottom cover. Excellent hand feel

 - Switch life: 50 million clicks for long time use.

 - The knob on the upper right corner is multifunctional with one button: Volume+ / Volume- / Play / Stop.

 - Equipped with hot-swappable terminals. You can install 3-pin or 5-pin MX switches directly without soldering. And easily build your own mechanical keyboard.

 - With automotive grid design and side RGB lighting effects, the keyboard kit is not only practical but also the perfect desktop decoration.

 - Triple mode connection, equipped with a detachable USB Type-C cable and 2.4 GHz receiver. Can support 3 Bluetooth devices / 1 2.4 GHz device / 1 wired device.

 - Matching keys with white color and pudding style.

 - Ergonomic gradient design.

 - Support NKRO (also known as N-Key RollOver or Anti Ghosting).

 - The software can be used in 2.4G mode.


If you are interested in this product, please click it and buy it with the code gk001.




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