Gamakay 137 Keys Muddle-Headed Duck Keycaps Set

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Gamakay 137 Keys Muddle-Headed Duck Keycaps Set


Gamakay 137 Keys Muddle-headed duck Keycaps Set, MDA Profile Five-Sided Thermal Sublimation PBT Keycap for 61/68/75/87/104/108/Alice Layout Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Muddle-headed duck)


Theme: Muddle-headed duck
Material: PBT
Profile: MDA Profile
Number of keys: 137 Keys
Ergonomics: Support
Applicable layout: Suitable for suitable for 61/68/75/87/104/108/Alice Layout Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Note: Only the keycaps are sold, the keyboard is only for display


1. Classic and Charming Themed Keycaps-Muddle-headed duck: 
Gamakay is committed to creating a captivating keyboard aesthetic by combining classic patterns with high-quality keycaps. Our advanced five-sided dye-sublimation process ensures an incredibly stunning look for your keyboard
2. Ergonomic Design-MDA Profile: 
The keycaps are in MDA, which is a popular keycap profile known for its ergonomic design. They are easy to install and provide a comfortable typing experience. The suspended high keycap design and curved layout contribute to a lasting and comfortable user experience.
MDA profile is very close to OEM profile which is very suitable for typing. MDA keycap is wider and more round.
3. Durable PBT Material:
These PBT keycaps are made of durable and oil-resistant PBT material, compared with ABS, PBT has better hardness, more wear resistance and high temperature resistance.
4. Widely Compatibility:
Full 137 keys PBT keycaps set, including 104 standard keys and 33 modifiers keys. It is compatible with most standard ANSI layout keyboards (61/63/64/68/84/75/96/98/100/104/108 keys) and ISO layout keyboards (88/102/105 keys). Compatible with switches with cross shafts such as Gamakay switches, Cherry MX switches, Gateron switches, Kailh Box switches, and TTC switches. This keycap is perfect for customizing mechanical keyboards.
5. Quality Service:
When you received the product, if you find that the switches is missing or defective, please feel free to contact us and we're very happy to provide a Refund or Replacement. if you have any questions about the products you received or if you want to know more, you could contact us at any time, we are honored to answer them for you.

Package includes:

1 * Gamakay 137 Keys Muddle-headed duck Keycaps Set

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The polling rate of the Gamakay 75% keyboard
The polling rate of the TK75SE, TK75 and TK75HE is 1000Hz
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