Gamakay LK75 75% Mechanical Keyboard with TFT Smart Display & Knob

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Gamakay LK75 75% Mechanical Keyboard with TFT Smart Display & Knob

Grayish Black / Venus Switch - $3,657.00
  • Grayish Black / Pegasus Switch
  • Grayish Black / Venus Switch - $3,657.00
  • Grayish Black / Mercury Switch
  • Grayish Black / Mars Switch - $3,657.00
  • White / Phoenix Switch
  • White / Pegasus Switch
  • White / Venus Switch
  • White / Jupiter Switch
  • White / Mercury Switch
  • White / Mars Switch


Gamakay LK75

A Fully Customizable 75% Layout Mechanical Keyboard

     Unlock Higher Playability and Productivity with TFT Smart Display

Gamakay LK75 75 mechanical keyboard-Top mount design

Gamakay LK75's Advanced Playability: Enhance Your Experience on TFT Display

To explore and dare to share, Upload your GIF and Pic; the Gamakay software supports community sharing. 
Gamakay Lk75 mechanical keyboard with FTF Display and knob

Hot-swappable mechanical Keyboard for Easy Customization

The Gamakay  LK75 Hotswap sockets are specially designed for easy installation of any 3 and 5-pin switches.

Gamakay mechanical switches, Phoenix,Mercury,Jupiter,Venus,Mars, Pegasus,Griffin

Enhanced Ergonomic Layout for Comfortable Typing and Gaming

The space-saving design and two-section support meet all your keypad needs, eliminate wrist tension, and let your fingers move freely.

Gamakay LK75 mechanical keyboard features

The Gamakay LK75, 75% layout, keeps it compact, the 83 keys keyboard retains all the function keys that you need, the function row, navigation column, and arrow keys.  The real custom function keyboard that you need, you can easily use the software layers or remap them via Gamakay Software. Easily customize the TFT screen Knob functions via the software too. Explore more productivity via the software: not only control the screen function, light mode, light brightness, and light rate, but also switch the keyboard connection, and adjust the brightness of the screen. Build and show your creative wallpaper on the screen.

Revelation Creative Workflow with Gamakay LK75

Countless artists, designers, and photographers need help with the time-consuming navigation of Adobe Photoshop's intricate menus. Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, one of our team members had a groundbreaking idea: transform the keyboard into a powerful creative tool. 

Elevate Your Creativity with Customizable Features

Our Photoshop Preset Functional Keypads are a game changer for creative professionals. Whether you're a seasoned Photoshop expert or just starting your creative journey, this keypad will elevate your editing skills. Imagine the possibilities when traditional keyboard shortcuts no longer hinder your creativity.


Say no to the full LED strip in the room. Gamakay LK75 has you covered. From the gaming happy time to the late-night work. Our intuitive Gamakay software also lets you fine-tune colors, brightness, and effect on a per-key level. Show you creative ideas on the light effect setting, and you can share them with the community, those who love the effect can thumb it up and download it to use. Just want to make it a sample? With one click to use, the LK75 has pre-installed 16 million colors of RGB backlighting, support for music rhythms as well and light and shadow modes.  Quickly adjust lighting by turning the screed knob, The TFT smart display can show the setting, perfect for the precise adjustment, the color, brightness, and effects. Also, you can use preset FN function keys to switch the mod.

Wonderful Typing Experience with Gamakay  Mechanical Switches

The Gamakay LK75' PC plate and PCB are Top Mount. This makes the keyboard more stable and gives a relatively consistent typing experience and sound and results in reducing harshness in the typing feel. The True Silent Keyboard The LK75 is truly silent thanks to using the Gamakay silent switches and the layer materials.  Built-in PET pad which is an environmentally, recyclable material better than plastic;

The Bottom Silicone Pad + PCB sandwich Silicone Pad + Spacebar form aims to absorb the extra noise and reduce the keys and space bar upstroke, keyboard shaking noise, spring ping noises, and so on. 

Gamakay LK75 mechanical keyboard structure layout

1. PBT Keycaps 

2. TFT Smart Display & Knob

3. Gamakay Switches

4. ABS Top Case 

5. Positioning Plate

6. PCB Sandwich Silicone Pad

7. PET Absorbing Pad

 8. PCB Plate

 9. Silicone Pad

10. ABS Bottom Case

With more Combination 

The keyboard comes with MDA White Orange keycaps / PBT 5-sided heat-sublimation Constellation keycaps are available. Get your favorite Gamakay keycaps and put them on the keyboard in the second

Program LK75 with Gamakay Software for Personalized Settings

Fine-tune your Gamakay's function, lightning, and performance with Gamakay software. Its custom user interface makes powerful keyboard customization quick and easy. Find an interesting pic, GIF, and a helpful setting, it lets the user have more fun and be more productive.

Download the Gamakay software

Gamakay software setting pageGamakay software page-share marco setting and custom setting. Other users can download it and use

Gamakay lk75 mechanical keyboard combination setting


  • Model: LK75
  • The number of keys: 75% 83 keys
  • Switch: GamaKay Silent Switches (Phoenix, Griffin, Pegasus)
  • GamaKay planet Switches (Venus Jupiter Mercury Mars )
  • Keycap: MDA Profile Keycaps
  • Connection: TYPE-C Bluetooth 2.4G wireless
  • Structure: TOP Mount
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • Knob: TFT Smart Display & Knob

    What’s in the box

    1 * Gamakay LK75 75% Mechanical Keyboard with TFT Smart Display & Knob
    1 * Type C cable
    1* Switch Puller
    1 * Keycap Puller
    4 Pcs PBT MDA Profile Double Layer Keycaps

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