Gamakay TK75 HE Hall Effect Wireless Custom Keyboard

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Gamakay TK75 HE Hall Effect Wireless Custom Keyboard

Magnetic Mercury Switch - $ 1,569.00
  • Magnetic Mercury Switch - $ 1,569.00
  • Magnetic Phoenix Switch - $ 1,656.00


TK75 HE Hall effect Mechanical keyboard

With Gamakay Magnetic Switch 

The features of the Gamakaytk75he is a 75% layout with 81 keys hall effect keyboard, support mac/windows system, hall-effect keyboard, magnetic switch, custom travel distance, Rapid trigger, and DKS, comes with PTB cheery keycaps, supports 2.4gh, wired, and Bluetooth connections


1. Hall Effect Magnetic Switches: The keyboard has Gamakay's custom Linear Mercury and Silent Phoenix Hall Effect magnetic switches, offering a unique and responsive typing experience.

The specification of the gamakay magnetic switches-Phoenix and mercury
The specification of the gamakay phoenix and mercury

Adjustable Actuation Point

Rapid Trigger: This feature allows keys to be activated or deactivated based on their travel distance rather than a fixed point, providing more responsive and precise control. This can be particularly beneficial in games that require quick and accurate keystrokes. Customizable Trigger Points: Each key's trigger point can be customized to meet your specific needs, and the keyboard is equipped with an automatic calibration function to ensure precision.

The gamakay Phoneix magnetic switches with the action point from 0.2mm-3.8mm, in the gamakay TK75HE, you can experience the rapid trigger functions with gamakay Phoneix switch and mercury switch

3. Dynamic Keystroke (DKS): This powerful feature allows you to incorporate up to four actions within a single keystroke, similar to a macro but without the automation. This provides a level of customization and control that can enhance gameplay and productivity

4. Travel Distance Setting: The keyboard allows you to adjust the travel distance of keys from 0.2-3.7mm, providing a level of customization to suit your typing style and preferences


4. 75% Layout: The TK75 HE is a compact 75% layout mechanical keyboard featuring 81 keys and a polished metal knob. It also supports N-key rollover, ensuring that each keystroke is accurately registered, even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously

5. Multi-Device Connection: The keyboard supports use on both Windows and Mac OS and allows for three modes of connection: 2.4g, Bluetooth, and Wired. The connection is up to 5 devices. This provides flexibility and convenience for different use cases and environments

What’s in the box

1 * Gamakay TK75 HE 75% keyboard
1 * Type C cable
1* Switch Puller
1 * Keycap Puller


75% layout, 81keys
Tri-mode connection:2.4g, Bluetooth, Wired
16 million colors RGB backlight, support music rhythm and light and shadow mode.
Software support MAC/WIN dual systems
Customizable Keystroke setting
Original height PBT dual-color keycap
Full keys punchless
Polished metal knob 
Dual-segment foot support.

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