GamaKay SN75 75% Mechanical Keyboard Kit

$ 1,063.00 $ 1,418.00
LK75 with TFT Smart Display & Knob Keyboard World Premiere, the screen can be customized to set your favorite GIF animations and any pictures!
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Color: Transparent

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Gamakay SN75 75% Mechanical Keyboard Kit-Barebone


VIA Programmable, Hot Swap, Tri-Mode Bluetooth/Type-C/2.4G Wireless RGB Customized Keyboard Kit, PCB Mounting Plate EVA Sound Insulation Mat

Introducing the Gamakay SN75 75% Mechanical Keyboard Kit - Your Ultimate Keyboard Customization Solution!

Elevate your typing and gaming experience to a whole new level with the Gamakay SN75 Mechanical Keyboard Kit. This meticulously crafted keyboard kit is designed to cater to both enthusiasts and professionals seeking top-tier performance and customization options. With its innovative features, premium components, and sleek design, the Gamakay SN75 is set to redefine your keyboarding experience.

The SN75 75% Mechanical keyboard kit-Barebone-crystal base

Unparalleled Customization and Performance

At the core of the Gamakay SN75 lies a commitment to unparalleled customization and performance. Whether you're a hardcore gamer, a coding virtuoso, or a professional typist, this keyboard kit empowers you to tailor your typing experience to your exact preferences.

VIA Tri-Mode Programmable Chip:

The Gamakay SN75 is equipped with a VIA Tri-Mode programmable chip, allowing you to remap keys, create custom macros, and fine-tune lighting effects to match your unique preferences. It supports Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. Take full control of your keyboard's functionality with this powerful customization tool.

Supports Three-Pin/Five-Pin Mechanical Hot-Swappable Axis:

Say farewell to soldering! The SN75 supports both three-pin and five-pin mechanical hot-swappable switches, making it incredibly easy to change out your switches without any soldering equipment. Swap in your favorite switches effortlessly for a personalized typing experience.

The SN75 75% Mechanical keyboard kit-Barebone

Gasket-mounted Keyboard Kit RGB is a very cool element when gaming.

This customizable kit understands your preferences perfectly. Therefore, this model incorporates a PC positioning plate, ensuring a uniformly illuminated keyboard. The case is made of acrylic, enhancing its light-transmitting properties. The keyboard contains 16 million color RGB backlights and supports music rhythm and light and shadow modes. You can also remap your kit as you wish.

The SN75 75% Mechanical keyboard kit-Barebone

Multi-function Knob Control

Fully Programmable Keys With Multifunction Knob design, easy-to-control multimedia! The knob is multi-function with one button, including Volume up/ down/ Play/ Stop.

Triple Modes

Available-3 Bluetooth 5.0/ 2.4GHz/ Type-C WiredThe SN75 75% mechanical keyboard features a multi-mode connection to provide a free switch between different devices. No more plug-in and out processes. Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4GHz offer fast and stable transmission without latency while included Type-C cable provides a solid connection as a backup when the battery is out. 

    Download the SN75 VIA program and Jason


    1. Chip program: VIA tri-mode program
    2. Support axis body: three-pin/five-pin Mechanical hot-swappable axis
    3. Number of keys: 81 Key
    4. Cable: Type-C cable 1.5M
    5. Battery: 3400mAh
    6. Keyboard structure: GASKET-TOP dual structure
    7. Keyboard material: acrylic
    8. PCB filling: EVA
    9. Bottom filling: silicone
    10. Tri-mode: TYPE-C + 2.4G + Bluetooth connection
    11. Satellite axis: PCB satellite axis
    12. Accessories: switch puller key puller, hexagonal screwdriver, aluminum alloy positioning plate

    What’s in the box


    1 * Gamakay SN75 75% Mechanical Keyboard Kit


    1 * Type C cable


    1* Switch Puller
    1 * Keycap Puller
    1 * Screwdrivers
    1 * Aluminum Alloy Positioning Plate

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