GamaKay LK67

45 reviews
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Gamaky LK67 65% Hot-swappable Triple Mode DIY RGB Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Connect to Multiple Devices with Triple Mode Connection

The Gamaky LK67 65 percent keyboard kit features a three-mode connection, allowing you to connect up to three Bluetooth devices, one 2.4GHz device, and one wired device. This 65-keyboard layout provides you with the flexibility to switch between devices seamlessly, making it perfect for multitasking.

Easy Controls with Multi-Function Knob

The knob in the top right-hand corner of the 65 percent keyboard is multi-function, with one button that can be used as a volume control for both increasing and decreasing the volume, as well as for play and stop functions. This feature provides easy access to control your media playback without having to reach for your mouse or other devices.

Customize Your Keyboard with Hot-Swappable Keyboard Kit

Equipped with hot-swappable terminals, the Gamaky LK67 mechanical keyboard kit allows you to install the MIX switches directly without soldering, making it easy to build your own 65 percent mechanical keyboard. This feature ensures that you can easily customize your keyboard to your liking without any hassle.

Stunning Visuals with Automotive Grating Design and RGB Backlighting

With the automotive grating design, RGB backlighting, and sidelight effects, the Gamaky LK67 65 percent keyboard kit is not only practical but also the perfect desktop decoration. This feature provides stunning visuals that will make your mechanical keyboard stand out.

Ergonomic Gradient Design for Comfortable Typing

The Gamaky LK67 65 keyboard kit features an ergonomic gradient design that provides comfortable typing for long periods. This feature ensures that you can work or game for hours without any discomfort.

Convenient Compatibility with Detachable USB Type-C Cable and 2.4GHz Receiver

Equipped with a detachable USB type-c cable and a 2.4GHz receiver, the Gamaky LK67 65 percent mechanical keyboard kit provides a triple mode connection, making it compatible with Windows, and Tablets. This feature provides convenience and compatibility for all your devices.

Fast Typing with NKRO Support

The Gamaky LK67 mechanical keyboard kit supports NKRO (N-key rollover), allowing you to press multiple keys simultaneously without any conflict. This feature ensures that your typing is fast and accurate.


1. Brand: GamaKay

2. Model: LK67

3. Version: Wired + Bluetooth 5.0 + 2.4GHz

4. Item:

5. Case Color: Black / White/PINK/Green/Gray/Blue

6. Battery: Built-in 2400mAh Lithium Battery

7. Wired Length: about 1.5m

8. Product Size about 33*12*3.5cm

9. Package Size: about 40*14*5cm 1

10. Product Weight: about 880g

11. Package Weight: about 920g


1. Keycaps and Switches are not included, please click the switches here65 keyboard keycaps and switches here.
2. Due to the light difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
3. Supports both 3 pins or 5 pins switch.
4. For the sake of the beauty of the product, the reserved clearance of the keyboard is small, manual disassembly may cause the accessories to fall off or damage.

Package Included:

1 * Type-C Cable
1 * 2.4GHz Receiver
1 * GamaKay LK67 DIY keyboard Kit(Includes PCB, Mounting Plate, Plastic Case, Stabilizers)

10pcs Gamakay switches Bumblebee Trial Pack 

70pcs Gamakay switches pack

2. You can choose to buy it on Amazon US

Gamaky LK67 65% Hot swappable Triple Mode DIY Keyboard Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Colten Skinner
Defective Keyboard and No Customer Support

I bought the keyboard and a line of keys on the board would not light up or register. I sent multiple emails to GamaKay to try and set up a repair or return and never received a reply. Do not recommend.

Arshon Saadati
Decent but Bluetooth Issues

Overall a very pretty board and the knob is great for the price. Had to order a second one because I broke a hotswap socket taking out a switch, so be wary of build quality.

The larger issue I'm having with the board is Bluetooth connectivity. Both boards I've purchased have been unable to connect to my Macbook Pro, and do not show up for pairing with any device that I've tried. If there is a fix or explanation for this I'll update to 4 stars, but for now not having Bluetooth is a major downside as it is the main reason I picked this board.

Damiano Podda
Good overall

This price range for keyboards is absolutely wild. There're a lot of valid choices. I think that this keyboard can be an excellent option if you're into modding. I gave it "only" 4 stars out of 5 because the stabs are SO dry and scratchy, even after lubing them I didn't entirely solve the problem in the 2 pairs on the right side. The software also is far from being optimal, it's just barely acceptable, I hope they made the keyb VIA compatible in the future.
P.S. A little reminder to those who, like me, didn't pay enough attention: this keyboard has a 1u layout for R_Alt, R_Ctrl and FN keycaps. I had a set of XDA keycaps where those keys were by default 1.25u, double check guys!

Good board, bad software.

Ok so it's a great board it sounds fantastic. It's unfortunately northfacing LED but great overall. However, the driver doesn't recognize the device at all so the driver is completely unusable. The keyboard works without it, for a while. I've had it for a few months and it's been working but recently the wireless feature stopped working well. Bluetooth works, but the latency isn't great. The wireless dongle stopped. As I'm writing this I have to go back and re-type something each sentence because the keyboard disconnects from my computer and reconnects. To add salt to the wound, don't even try to take the keyboard apart. I did and when I was screwing it back together two of the screws' heads broke right off resulting in the threading of the screw stuck in the back with no way of removing it or replacing it with another screw. Given these problems, I could not write a good review here.

Kai Donaghy
Pretty good overall

The case was just a bit shallower then I expected.

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