This is the review of the Gamakay MK61 60% mechanical keyboard.  The video show the keyboard is 60 percent layout, and it is a hot swappable keyboard.Gamakay mk61 60% mechanical keyboard
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Gamakay MK61

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GamaKay LK67 65% RGB Triple Mode Mechanical Gaming KeyboardGamaKay LK67 65% RGB Triple Mode Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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GamaKay LK67 Blue

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Gamakay TK68Gamakay TK68 65% Triple Mode RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with XDA Profile PBT Keycaps
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Gamakay TK68

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This is the quick unboxing for Gamakay GK75. It shows the overlook of the keyboard, you can know that is a compat 75% layout,with the  RBG light effect, also you can see that there is a place on the right to store the usb dongle. If you are a  75 keyboard lover, order it now.Gamakay G75 75% Gasket-mount RGB Mechanical Keyboard- Color Black
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GamaKay GK75

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GamaKay K61 ProGamkay k61pro 60 percent mechianical keyboard with weather keycaps
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GamaKay K61 Pro

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This is a modding video for LK67 mechanical keyboard kit, in the video show how does this keyboard, including the  gasket-mout structure of the keyboard, the function of the nob. also it modding the keyboard with the mechanical switches. In the video you can see the RBG Ligh effect and the keyboard sound test. Gamakay LK67 65% Hot-swappable RGB Mechanical Keyboard Kit
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GamaKay LK67

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GamaKay MK68GamaKay MK68 65% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

GamaKay MK68

This is the review of the Gamakay K77 mechancial gaming keyboard. In this video , the review to show you the keyboard's overlook, sount test, and lighting effect. Enjoy the keyboard light effect and gateron switch sound asmr after modding. GamaKay K77 75% mechanical Keyboard with Gateron Switch and acrylic base

GamaKay K77

This is the review to Gamakay K61, in the video will unbox the k61, and review this 60 percent mechanical keyboard from  how does it looks like, the layout, the function of  modification  RGB  light effect to the asmr of the keyboard. Hope you will enjoy the asmr after moding the gateron yellow switch.The K61 boasts a full translucent glazed panel made from PMMA plexiglass material, offering durability and sophistication in equal measure. Expertly crafted with CNC cutting, this keyboard is a stylish addition to any workspace or gaming setup.
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GamaKay K61

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This is the review for Gamakay TK75 mechanical keyboard. In this video mdz studio show the difference sound of the switches. The first one is Pegasus,the second one is Griffin, the thrid is Cream yellow  and the last one is Haze pink. Gamakay TK75 75% mechancial keyboard with Nob-this is the front face of the TK75
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GamaKay TK75

$136.00 $145.00

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