GamaKay 113 Keys Transparent Keycaps Set

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GamaKay 113 Keys Transparent Keycaps Set



Theme: Transparent Sphere
Material: PC
Profile: ASA Profile
Number of keys: 113 Keys
Ergonomics: Support
Applicable layout: Suitable for MK61 LK67 TK68 TK75 LK75 61/68/87/98/104 Layout Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Note: Only the keycaps are sold; the keyboard is only for display


1. Transparent Keycaps:
This transparent keycap is made of high-quality PC material, which fully showcases the transparency of the keycap. The stability of PC keycaps is excellent, so it is the best material for transparent keycaps, which can better show the RGB effect of mechanical keyboards.
2. ANSI Layouts:
It is compatible with most standard ANSI layout keyboards (61/68/84/98/100/104keys).
Compatible with switches with cross shafts such as Gamakay switches, Cherry MX switches, Gateron switches, Kailh Box switches, and TTC switches. This keycap is perfect for customizing mechanical keyboards.

3. Custom Keycaps:
The transparent keycaps use advanced silk-screen technology to make the fonts and patterns of the keycaps clearly visible.
4. ASA Profile Ice Crystals Keycaps:
ASA profile ice crystal keycaps, thicker as crystal-like texture, pad printing + UV surface treatment, delicate feel more wear-resistant, clear characters are not easy to lose color and raised
5. Ergonomically Design
This keycap is scientifically designed and ergonomically designed. Even if you use it for a long time, it does not get tiring, so it is very suitable for people who work for a long time.

Package includes:

1 x GamaKay 113 Keys Transparent Keycaps Set(Includes 1 x R1 Uncut 1U
3 x R3 Uncut 1U
1 x R1 Uncut 2.75Ushift)

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