Gamakay switches vs Gateron switches What's different

Last month, we launched the gamakay switches but it seems that no arouse much intestes of the customes. So we decide to send some samples and in this month we receive some feed back. (Thanks for Tecnolocura ) We are trying to do a comparison among Gamakay switches and gateron swiches from the feed back. From this review, hope that we can help you make a decision weather you buy the gamakay or not in the future.

Gamakay phoenix, bumblebee,crystal are  very good switches for those linear switches lovers. They are very smooth, slient, vertical pressing sensation with lightly clicky feel. No matter for working, typing, and even gaming

Gamakay phoenix switchBumblee switchCrystal switch

The actuation force of Gamakay crystal is 55g. The travel distance is 4mm; the bumblebee one has the same tranvel distance and actuation force as the crystal one, however the min trigger force is differente. The crystal switch cost you less force to finish one click, while the phonenix get the travel distance of 3.3mm, pre travel 2.00±0.6mm, end force is 45g. perhaps,the phoenix switch is best for typing, we can see the resutl in the end of the review.

These 3 gamakay switches are a little bit different with that standard Gateron Switches: Gateron red,  blue and brown.

Switch parameters Behavior Travel Distance Pre-travel Actuation Force Min trigger Force End Force
Switch Name
Crystal Switch Linear 4.0mm 2.00±0.6mm 45±10gf 30gf Min 65gf Max
Bumblebee Switch Linear 4.0mm 1.30±0.5mm 45±10gf 35gf Min 65gf Max
Phoenix Switch Linear 3.30mm 2.00±0.6mm 40±10gf 35gf Min 45gf Max

Peoples perhaps would choose the linear switch when choosing a mechanical keyboard, because there no more option before. They have already considerated the linear switches are regards as smooth and light. particularly the touch sence on the Spacebar and other bigger keys are not great. The Gamakay switches are recomended for those people who don't get familiar with the too light, too soft touch feeling and they need a stroger feedback.

As we have menctioned above Parameter table. There are difference in feel, but not too much. You can feel it makes the keycaps follow your fingers more closely.

Gateron switches

Among the gamakay switches, the phoenix one is similar with the gateron white one. But from the table we can see, you can use less force on the gamakay switches to get quilickly response from every click. There are ± 10-15 differences among the switches at the actuation sector.

Sound test

The fist one is Crystal



From the video we can hear, the phoenix is the most quiet one.

The price of the Gamakay switches is $12.99 now, at this price you can get 35pcs. This a a afforable price for custimiaztion. If aftering reading this artical you still want to buy Gateron Switches, you can go to our Gateron Swtich Set.If you are ready to get the gamakay switches please click here We offer super good price for the both switches.

And we also provide the mechanical keyboards and Keyboard kit that can be easily custmized. Gamakay LK67 , CK61, CK68 and the coming product K61 PRO are different layout wireless mechanical keyboards, they have hot-swappable versions that allow you to DIY your switches easier a lot.

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