GamaKay K66 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Gateron Switch Crystalline Base

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Color: White

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1. Brand: GamaKay
2. Model: K66
3. Keycap Color: White
4. Connection: USB
5. Size: 320 mm * 110 mm * 30 mm
6. Number of keys: 66 Keys
7. Switch : Gateron
8. Interface: Type-C
9. Polling Rate: 1000Hz
10. Lamplight: double zone RGB / lower lamplight layout


1. Type-c USB3.1, data transmission speed can 40Gbps.
2. Compact, portable and easy to use, increase the independent direction key control.
3. Hot swappable Gateron Switch esports level mechanical switch, to meet the player's hand.
4. PMMA acrylic casting body, implicit and publicity. Glaze appearance, at the same time increase the surface of atomization treatment, more even light transmission.
5. Without built-in steel plate, experience mechanical feel.
6. Plug and play, drive free setting, FN adjustment light effect, base and keyboard light effect control separately.
7. Built-in a variety of cool lighting mode optional choice, RGB color optional collocation, personality adjustment their favorite color.

Package included:

1 * Type-C Cable
1 * User Manual
1 * GamaKay K66 Mechanical Keyboard

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mohamed Tasment
Polling Rate doesn't change even when using the software

the main reason why i bought this keyboard was the advertised 1000Hz Polling Rate but when I tried it out I realized that it was at 125Hz by default, I tried changing it with the software but it did nothing ( It shows that its at 1000 but when I test it, its all the same whether its at 125, 250 or 1000 )
If you're a competitive rhythm gamer like me I cant recommend it for now until they fix the Polling Rate issue.
But if you're a casual gamer or you're looking for a cool aesthetic keyboard then I definitely recommend this keyboard!
Overall the build quality is pretty decent and the hotswappability makes this keyboard worth its price. ( aside from the polling rate of course xd )

Alyssa Beth Luna

It's my new favorite obsession! The only thing I don't like is having to deal with an extra cord on my desk (makes the space much more cluttered) but everything else is perfect. I like sitting at my desk just to customize and play with the different color/lighting effect combos and the acrylic keys feel nice.

Philippe Langlois
Review for the K66

Well the keyboard is really good to play and type, etc. I don’t know why but when I turn off my PS4, and then open it, the keyboard doesn’t “remember” on what rgb set up I was on… the key rgb’s work but not the sides of it. It reinitialize itself. Sometime the keyboard disconnect (might be my PS4) but there is no way I can find what between the two is the problem. It is more like a 4 than a 3 but still. I like it. It is just littles things like that that I do not really like.

Thanks for your comment! Thank you for supporting Gamakay


Super fast shipping and great quality, love the different colours would look great with any setup!

Lily Inoue
It’s okay/ keys don’t work

I really was excited for this keyboard and had high expectations for it. It felt good and then switched were great but I was experiencing a key not working. My Y key would not work and I tried everything to fix it. I’m fighting the urge to return it and get a different one.