GamaKay LK70

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GamaKay LK70 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with GamaKay/Gateron Switches and PBT Double-shot Keycaps

GamaKay LK70 Keyboard - The Ultimate Tool for Precision Typing and Maximum Performance

A 65% Compact Keyboard Layout with 68 Keys and Number Pad

The GamaKay LK70 Keyboard is a highly functional keyboard that boasts a 65% compact button layout with 68 keys, including a number pad for a comfortable and efficient typing experience. Whether you are a gamer, programmer, or anyone who demands a high-quality typing experience, this keyboard is designed to meet your needs.

Hot-Swappable Pre-Lubricated Switches for Customized Preferences

The GamaKay LK70 Keyboard is equipped with hot-swappable pre-lubricated switches, including GamaKay custom switches (Crystal, Phoenix, Bumblebee) and Gateron switches (Red, Brown, Yellow), so you can choose the switch type that suits your preferences. This feature allows you to quickly and easily change the switches without any additional tools or skills.

Stylish and Functional Design with PBT Cherry Profile Color-Blocking Keycaps

The GamaKay LK70 Keyboard is stylish and functional with PBT Cherry Profile color-blocking keycaps. It is also backlit with 22 different lighting modes, so you can customize the keyboard to match your preferences. This design provides a comfortable and efficient typing experience while also making the keyboard look great on your desk.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity Options with Long Battery Life

The GamaKay LK70 Keyboard offers both wired and wireless connectivity options with Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4GHz connectivity options. It has an impressive 1800mAh battery capacity, ensuring you won't have to worry about running out of power while you're in the middle of a project or gaming session.

Noise Reduction Treatment for a Quiet Typing Experience

Additionally, the GamaKay LK70 Keyboard comes with noise reduction treatment, including an EVA silent pad and bottom silencing cotton. This feature reduces noise while typing and provides a quiet and comfortable typing experience. The keyboard also comes with a puller for the shaft keys, a dust cover, and supports hot-swapping, allowing you to quickly and easily change the three-foot/five-foot shafts.


  1. Brand: GamaKay
  2. Model: LK70
  3. Version: TYPE-C Wired + Bluetooth 5.0+2.4GHz
  4. Button layout: 65% with 68 Keys
  5. Switch: GamaKay custom switches (Crystal, Phoenix, Bumblebee), Gateron switches(Red, Brown, Yellow)
  6. Keycap: PBT Cherry Profile color blocking Keycaps
  7. Lighting modes: 22 types
  8. Battery capacity: 1800mAh
  9. Noise reduction treatment: EVA silent pad + bottom silencing cotton
  10. Pull the shaft key puller + dust cover
  11. South-facing PCBA, support hot-swapping, three-foot / five-foot shaft common
  12. Size: 312*115*30mm±1
  13. Product weight: 990G

Packing Included:

1 * Type-C Cable

1 * User Manual

1 * GamaKay LK70 65% GamaKay/Gateron Switch Triple Mode RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
1 * Shaft puller and a key puller

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Krishna Reddy
Love the keyboard but not the instructions.Unable to use a few characters.

I am using the keyboard with a mac and I find the instructions are inadequate. I am unable to switch to a single color of my choice.
This review is for the LK70 model.

Cant seem to use the tilde character ~
Can find the underscore Character _
can t find the equal to character =

I have mailed Gamakay support but havent received any assistance yet! So developers beware when buying this keyboard!

samuel whitaker

sounds nice with phoenix switches seems like a wuality build but some of the instructions are unclear and some symbols on the function row dont seem to work as intended

Would definitely recommend

I’m super happy with the keyboard, had my eyes on it for the Phoenix key switches for quiet gameplay. This is the quietest keyboard I’ve ever had and I’m loving it. I will say, the 65% layout is taking me a while to get used to but it is what it is, not the company’s fault haha. Only other thing I would like to mention is that the provided cable doesn’t make too much sense as it’s dimensions can’t make use of the cable channel grooves under the keyboard. Again not the end of the world, overall I have been really really impressed by the quality and look forward to GamaKay becoming a big name in the gaming peripherals industry :)

Wei Yen Tsai
I like it~

It’s portable, compact, fun to use.
But it would be really nice if the user manual on the keyboard on official website. Since I got the LK70 I can’t quite get the right number keys to work. Any suggestions? Since there are no num lock

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