GamaKay TK75SE 75% clavier mécanique à montage sur joint

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World premiere! TK75 SE Black Version is now available!
[Compact 75% layout with Metal knob] TK75SE redefines space efficiency with a 75% more compact layout. This design integrates all the necessary buttons in a smaller space, making it ideal for streamlining desks and mobile devices without sacrificing functionality. The bright Metal knob can be running multiple tasks, zoom in and out, volume up and down, and more.
[Retro and clean design of the PBT Cherry profile keycaps] It looks clean and straightforward. The retro keycaps with a cherry profile and double-layer construction offer durability and a timeless aesthetic, perfect for any keyboard enthusiast.
[Full keys hot-swappable and custom combo keys] TK75SE all keys are hot-swappable with Outemu Brown and yellow switches; the south-facing LED light delivers rich colors to create a personalized typing environment. Customize the lighting modes to create a desktop ambiance that suits your mood. Customize the combo keys setting on gamakay software to expand the possibility of each essential function and convenience of the combo keys.
[Gasket-mount structure and padding layer for optimal typing experience] To provide a soft and silent typing experience, the TK75SE keyboard incorporates several noise-reducing materials, including sound-absorbing foam, PE foam, an IXPE switch pad, and a bottom-case silicon pad.
[Free use anytime, everywhere] The keyboard has three connection modes: Bluetooth mode, 2.4g USB, and Type C cable, and a battery capacity of up to 4000mah ensures plenty of usage time on a single charge.
[Working system auto recognition] TK75SE can auto-recognition the operation system, which works in the Mac OS and Windows. And up to five devices can be connected with one-touch device switching!

GamaKay TK75SE 75% clavier mécanique à montage sur joint

Black / EN / Outemu Brown Switch - $106.00
  • Black / EN / Outemu Brown Switch - $106.00
  • Black / EN / Outemu Yellow Switch - $106.00
  • Black / DE-White / Outemu Brown Switch
  • Black / DE-White / Outemu Yellow Switch
  • Black / DE-Black / Outemu Brown Switch
  • Black / DE-Black / Outemu Yellow Switch
  • Retro / EN / Outemu Brown Switch - $106.00
  • Retro / EN / Outemu Yellow Switch - $106.00
  • Retro / DE-White / Outemu Brown Switch
  • Retro / DE-White / Outemu Yellow Switch
  • Retro / DE-Black / Outemu Brown Switch
  • Retro / DE-Black / Outemu Yellow Switch

GamaKay TK75SE 75% Gasket Mount Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

| Outemu Switch | Triple Mode RGB | PBT Cherry Profile Keycaps | Built-in silent filling material

GamaKay TK75SE is a customizable 75% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Outemu Switches. Enjoy vibrant triple mode RGB lighting and a durable build, complemented by PBT Cherry profile keycaps.

75% Layout keyboard Gasket Structure

A sleek 75% keyboard featuring a compact design with essential keys, enhanced by a gasket-mounted structure for a cushioned, quiet typing experience.

Full keys hot-swap with Outemu switches.

Full keys are hot-swappable; decide which switches to use by yourself. It comes with practical Outeme brown and yellow switches.

Full-back LED technology with 1.6millions colors

full-back LED technology with 1.6 million colors, offering vibrant, customizable lighting for an exceptional visual and functional experience

Full-fill extra inner layer and padding

Sound-absorbing foam, PE foam, an IXPE switch pad, and a quiet typing experience enhance it.

Easy to switch and with long-lasting battery life

The keyboard is designed for maximum versatility and convenience, making it an excellent choice for users who frequently switch between multiple devices. It supports seamless connectivity to up to five devices simultaneously, allowing you to easily switch between them with the press of a button. This feature is particularly useful for professionals who need to manage multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones without the hassle of reconnecting each time.

Auto system recognition and Three connection methods

The keyboard is designed to seamlessly integrate with both Mac OS and Windows OS, providing a versatile solution for users with multiple devices. Its advanced auto system recognition ensures that the keyboard adjusts its layout and function keys according to the operating system in use, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.


Spécification :

1. Modèle : TK75SE
2. Le nombre de clés : 75% 81 clés
3. Commutateur : commutateur Outemu marron/jaune
4. Touches : touches PBT rétro profil Cherry
5. Connexion : TYPE-C Bluetooth 2.4G sans fil
6. Structure : support de joint
7. Batterie : 4000mAh
8. Bouton : Bouton en métal argenté brossé
9. Matériau de la plaque de positionnement : PC
10. Rembourrage PCB : silicone laminé
11. Accessoires : Extracteur de touches à double tête

Matériau de remplissage silencieux intégré :

1. Coton laminé
2. Patin sous axe
3. Coussin acoustique
4. Base de commutation
5. Remplissage inférieur

What's in the box

EN Version

1 * Gamakay TK75SE 75% keyboard


1 * Type C cable


1 * Switch Puller

1 * Keycap Puller

DE Version


1 * Gamakay TK75SE 75% keyboard


1 * Type C cable


1 * 104 Keys Black German translucent ABS keycaps


1 * Switch Puller

1 * Keycap Puller




The polling rate of the TK75, TK75HE, TK75SE
As for the polling rete, the TK75, TK75HE and TK75se are 1000Hz
What is the difference between TK75HE and TK68HE?

1.The layout is defference, TK75HE is 75% layout keyboard with 81keys while the TK68HE is 65% hall effect keyboard with 68keys ; the 65% layout is more compact so that you can set more combination key to make convenience to use the keyboard.

2.The TK68HE has 1900mah battery life while TK75HE has 4000mah battery

Both keyboards support wired, bluetooh,2.4g connection, therefore you can consider which to buy from your keyboard layout usage and the budget.

Does the TK75HE and TK68HE are wireless hall effect keyboard?
Yes, the TK75he and TK68 both are wireless hall effect keyboard. You can use the keyboard under wired mode, bluetooth mode, and 2.4g mode.
What the difference between Hall effect keyboard and tradicional mechanical keyboard?
The key differences between Hall effect keyboards with magnetic switches and traditional mechanical keyboards lie in their keystroke activation mechanisms and gaming performance. Hall effect keyboards offer superior functionality and gaming performance, thanks to their use of magnetic switches, rapid trigger response, durability, and customizable features such as travel distance adjustment
Why my TK75HE can't be detected by my PC
The depth of the keyboard connector is deep, you need to insert the type c cable with force to make sure the keyboard is properly connected to the PC
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