Most Budget-Friendly 75% Hall Effect Keyboard - Gamakay TK75HE Review

Most Budget-Friendly 75% Hall Effect Keyboard - Gamakay TK75HE Review
From the 60% keyboard Mk61, the lk67, and 65% keyboard with a knob to the LK75 75% keyhboard with TFT display, Gamakay is dedicated to the gaming keyboard. When people talk about gamakay in these two years, the Silent Phoenix and the TK75, which clean keycaps, and the metal knob, 75% gaming keyboards will come to mind. This year, we launched the TK75HE, our first hall effect keyboard, which continues the clean outlook of the TK75 but with a surprise upgrade. The new TK75HE comes with the Hall effect technology so the customer can enjoy the smoothest and fastest typing experience ever.
The color black is avaiable on 2024/6/25
Gamakay Tk75He Hall effect keyboard with PTB cherry profile keycpas in color black and yellow in the space and arrow keys. Equipped with the Hall effect magnetic switches
Gamakay Tk75He Hall effect keyboard with PTB cherry profile keycpas in color black and yellow in the space and arrow keys. Equipped with the Hall effect magnetic switches


Layout: 75% layout, 81keys

Connection:2.4g USB, Bluetooth, Wired

RGB: The 16 million colors RGB backlight supports music rhythm and light and shadow mode.

Operation system: Mac/ Windows

Software support: Gamakay gaming software

Keycaps: Original height PBT dual-color keycap

N-Key Rollover: supported

Hot-swappable: Yes( But not recommend)

Color: White and Black

Key features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact 75% Layout With 81-key Arrangement.
  • 3  Gamakay Silent Phoenix and Linear Mercury magnetic switches
  • Ripid trigger, DKS, Tranvel Distance Setting, Pre-set dead zone 
  • 5  Independent Multimedia Knob
  • Dual-segment foot support
  • Up to 3 devices connected/ support Windows / MAC

What is Gamakay TK75HE

The Gamakay TK75HE is a hall effect mechanical keyboard developed based on the TK75 model, which has a 75% layout and a compact design. So you can have the arrow keys and functions keys on the keyboard's right. On the top of the keyboard, there is a polished metal knob for the volume control. The material of the keyboard case is ABS, which means the keyboard is not heavy, and you can take it to your office when needed.

The double-segment foot support can help you find the most comfortable way to use the keyboard; if it still fits your wrist height, we recommend you buy a silicon wrist pad or wooden pad to release the stress of typing.

It comes with durable double-shot-PTB cherry profile keycaps, and under the keycaps, you can find the Gamakay silent phoenix or liner Mercury Magnetic switches. The RGB backlight is programable via the gamakay software; you can also have the Marco setting. 

Connecting the keyboard to your devices uses 2.4gh USB, Bluetooth, and wired mod. You can easily use the keyboard on Windows or Mac. 

The first impression of the keyboard is that it is clean and straightforward without a complicated design—it returns the keyboard to its original properties - a productivity tool.

The Sound Test of the Keyboard

How does the gamakay tk75he sound, let check it out.

Mercury magnetic switches are linear, with a straightforward click that travels from the top to the bottom when you press them.

Silent Phoneix magnetic switches are also linear but lack a metal plate in the connection between the slot and the bottom; the switch will reduce sound or become nearly silent when you press down. This is the best choice for customers who need to use the mechanical keyboard in the office or somewhere that needs to keep making less noise, and also for parents who want to relax at night to play games before bed. 

The Gaming performance of the keyboard

It is essential to have the software to unlock the possibility or make the accuracy of the keyboard. 

The TK75He supports rapid trigger, DKS, and dead zone customization settings. The Hall Effect keyboard is sometimes too sensitive, so the player will miss some hits on the gaming. In the Gamakay software, you can customize the dead zone.

There are four modes of the Keystroke setting. 

The Comfort: This mode has a 2mm pree and 2mm up travel distance, and you will feel to press in the standard mechanical keyboard.

The sensitive: This mode has a 0.5mm press and a 2mm up travel distance. 

The Gaming: Also with the 0.5mm press and a 2mm up travel distance. This is similar to the rapid trigger function, which gives you a quick response. The Moba games such as LOL and FPS games: Cs Go and Fortnite use this function frequently.

Customize: You can customize each key's Dead zone and travel distance or set it as standard on your keyboard.

Remember, before saving the setting, please click “Start simulation testing.” 

Also, the sensitive mode is one time to use rapid trigger, while the game mode is non-stop rapid trigger.

The light effect is the extensive experience while you are playing a game; in the software, the light sector can be modified and changed the light. If you feel good, you can log in and share with the community, and other customers can download your preset with one click. 



Is the GamakayTK75HE a hot-swappable keyboard?

Yes,the desgin of the PCB of TK75HE is support Hot-swappable. But, this is important to use the magnetic switch with the same magnetic flux and need to do calibration Via the software. We are welcome that the customer can give us feed back when you used other brand magnetic switch on our keyboard.

Is the Hall Effect keyboard worth buying?

Here are the leading 75% of keyboards on the market, and we have decided to make a small comparison.

Only compare the 75% layout of the Hall effect keyboard.


key features

Keyboard case material



Gamakay TK75HE

Budget-friendly with all functions of the Hall effect keyboard


Gamakay Phoenix and Mercury


Drunkdeer A75 Pro

Upgrade the keyboard case to Aluminum


Raesha magnetic switches;


Akko MOD007B HE

Three-mode connection


Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches or Kailh Sakura Pink Magnetic Switches


MonsGeek M1 HE

Upgrade the keyboard case to Aluminum


Akko Magnetic Switches


Akko MOD007v3 HE

Drogan theme keycaps


Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic switches


Keychron Q1 HE

VIA programable


Gateron Double-Rail Magnetic switches



As a hall effect keyboard, all the keyboards have essential features, are equipped with magnetic switches, and support rapid trigger, DKS, and dead zone. Why make the price different? Apart from the vital functions, the other parts, such as custom keycaps, the material of the keyboard case, and software support, will decide the product price.

Before deciding, ask yourself if you like the extra cost or just need a mechanical keyboard for working or gaming.  Gamakay can save you money and give you a pure experience on


Compared to other brands, Gamakay TK75He has excellent advantages in its price, but it offers all the functions that should have the Hall effect keyboard. There is not much you can do when you have a Hall effect keyboard, and you can’t change the switches freely as most traditional mechanical keyboards do because they just accept the magnetic alternative.

You can use a budget-friendly price to experience the essential features of the keyboard. Why not? The pre-order campaign is going, and the early bird price is 84.99-93.99$

It is worth to buy the Gamakay TK75HE.

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