How to choose a mechanical keyboard in 2022

Making a decision to pick which mechanical keyboard will be a little bit complicated. When choosing the new keyboard, the topics like switches, the material of keycaps, keyboard layout, just like the different languages. How can we get clear and buy the fit one keyboard?

We are trying to help you through this article, read the checklist in case you can find the answer quickly. Let’s begin.

Table of Content



    1.How much should I spend on the mechanical keyboard? 

  • 2.How to choose keyboard size? 

  • 3. How to Identify an expensive keyboard o cheap keyboard


  • -What are the differences between an Expensive keyboard and an economic one?

  • 4. How to choose the right Switch?

  • -Three major types: Clicky, Linear, and Tactile

  •   -What switch is best for Gaming?

  •   -What switch is best for typing?

  • 5. Conclusion


    1. How much should I spend on the mechanical keyboard?

    Before buying a keyboard please ask yourself these questions:How much should I spend on a keyboard? What is my expectation for this keyboard and how often do I use the keyboard? There are always more expensive keyboards but choosing the suitable one is more important for you.

    If you are a beginner in this area, you could choose the budget mechanical keyboardfor under 50$ and always choose the hot-swappable keyboard so that you can try different switches. Also, you can buy the switch tester.

    Switch tester

    When you know more about the mechanical keyboard you would become  ''mean’’ on your own keyboard, and start to look for other types of keyboards. At this moment, we recommend that you look around for those between 70-100$. Cool programmable lighting effects, better keyboard base materials, higher quality keycaps, and pre-lubricated switches can be found on these keyboards.

    If you don’t care about the budget, you can target that 150$+ computer keyboard. These keyboards come with everything you need.

    In a word,It depends on how many features and how much customization you want in a keyboard-compatible version, which will be reflected in the price point. Let's go into the next seccion.

    2. How to choose keyboard size?

    To find out the answer, let’s give you a brief introduction to the keyboard sizes.See the picture:

    How to choose the keyboard size

    (Pic from Reddit)

    The 65 keyboard is becoming more popular. The number pad is still missing on this keyboard size, but you will find out the function row and the home cluster, page up, page down keys. (Be noticed you can’t see on some 65 keyboard cases) 

    Gamakay LK67 65% layout keyboard

    (Pic from IG:@riccardopalombo)

    65 percent keyboard with Dedicated Arrow Keys: Help for Gaming and reading

    The function keys may be helpful, for some people, not having the arrow keys and home cluster can feel uncomfortable, especially for the gamers who love to use the arrow key for moving around, daily users who need to read news on the screen.

    65 compact keyboard case or separated layout

    65 keyboard case compact layout: Just look like what it sounds like. All the keys are close: All Keys Smushed Together. On the right of the keyboard are located home cluster keys vertically, next to this zoon is located arrow keys. If you want to save your desk space and get used to the key being together, this is your choice. If you are a big-hand guy, the separation layout is waiting for you.

    Buy Gamakay 65 keyboard- Click here 

    • 75 keyboard

    keychorn k2 75% keyboard vs Gamakay

    (Pic from

    75 keyboard case: Intensive phobia super compact keyboard layout

    75% keyboards in my opinion may not be user-friendly for densely-phobic users. For saving more space, the home cluster and arrow keys are located between each other and the home cluster is set vertically.

    Need time to get used to how to use

    The Uncommon but awesome design may take some time to get familiar with some of the strange key sizes and placement. For example, the lift shift key is typically much smaller than usual and building the muscle memory of where the new entry key is located will take some time. The other thing will take your time is finding the customized keycaps, you may need to search to find a set that is suitable with the 75% keyboard case, due to some mini key sizes

    60% keyboard layout is most used since the keycap layout is mostly standardized across this category. Some gamers love using the 60 percent layout keyboard thanks to its small size. This means you can trigger the gaming button and move to the next option quickly. 

    Gamakay 60% K61 mechanical keyboard

    When you open the keyboard kit, the 60% interior looks like a full-size keyboard, some maybe miss the FN key, but mostly just like with the 65% the functions row is programmable, but so are the arrow keys and home group, which are usually scattered around the keyboard and activated as secondary functions. If you rely much on the function key, try to use it more or choose the full-size keyboard.

    • Tenkeyless (TKL)/ 80 keyboard

    Gamakay k87 80% layout mechanical keyboard

    (Pic from IG:@sayonanii)

    The TENKEYLESS (TKL) keyboard also called the 80 percent keyboard is a little bit bigger than 75% percent keyboard, with 88 keys all so depending on the keyboard layout. This layout is suitable for most people, no matter if you are gamers, programmers, or common daily users who don’t use a number pad but still want to use the function keys and home cluster.

    Thanks to the structure of the keyboard, you can place your hands ergonomically in front of you. THE TKL will help you get used to the mechanical keyboard soon.


    This sector is about the special keyboard layout and usually for the cracks who are willing to spend a long period learning how to use it. Here are some niches such as 40% or gaming pad. We don't use frecuently this type of keyboard so we are going to the next section.


    3. How to Identify an expensive keyboard or cheap keyboard.

    In the beginning, we mentioned the price of the keyboard. In this section, we are going to tell you what is the difference between an expensive keyboard and a cheap one.

    (Pic from

    You can personalize whatever you like on the keyboards such as keycaps with Japanese style Asina style Material of the base, CNC, Copper, aluminum alloy Switches: Cherry MX, Gateron, also Gamakay switches

    4. How to choose the right Switch?

    The biggest feature that separates a mechanical from a normal keyboard is the switches. Every type on the keyboard results in a reliable and reliable keystroke. There Are many switch types,(The Akko is a model) so it will be a bit confusing to choose the fit one through various types. There are dozens of different switch types out there, so it can be a bit confusing to navigate through the different types. We will try to explain what names of the switches, so you can choose your preferred one

    -Three major types Clicky, Linear, and Tactile

    • The linear shaft has only spring resistance, making the overall operation very smooth and quiet. Common click switches: Red and  black
    • The click switch produces a loud clicking sound with each keypress, similar to a ballpoint pen pressing a switch. Common click switches: blue and 
    • Light-touch switches provide a thump when pressed, but do not produce a click sound. Common tap switches: brown and silver.

    The different switches may cause different touch and sound feelings. It’s better to decide what to buy after clearing what works best for you. 

    Here are some simple tips for you if you are the green hand in this sector and have no idea how they might feel.

    What switch is best for Gaming?

    As you can see in this PIC, Most of the people rate BLACK, Red, and brown. The Black and Red are Linear and the brown is tactile. The Liner is super-amazing smooth, even though doesn’t pre-lubricated, the quick response time will help you win the game advance. 


    What switch is best for typing?

    If you are using the keyboard for typing, such as editors, programmers, or office workers please see the sector typing. The Tactile brown and tactile clicky Blue win this sector. The strong tactile feeling can be nice for making fewer mistakes, someone loves this click sense while it will make a great sound and the people around you will be annoying.



    As you can see, there are a lot of tips for mechanical keyboards. Figuring out all the points might be quite difficult, hope these checkpoints can help you pick the first keyboard. Always think clearly about What you use it for and how much you would like to spend on it. Hope you will enjoy it.





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