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GamaKay K61 Pro 60% Triple Mode Acrylic Gasket Mount RGB Mechanical Keyboard


1. Keyline Separation:

Plenty of space to reduce accidental touches is designed to provide a comfortable typing experience and focus on efficiency. Enough space to make it more suitable with mostly keycaps.

2. Hot-swapping of five-pin shaft holders

Built-in the hot-swappable stocks on PCB so you could easily modify or change the switches. The PCB supports a 3/5 pin switch. 

3. Gamakay Switch: Pre-lubed Gamakay switch

Every detail is to make sure our customers get a better typing experience. Less spring noise and click sound will undoubtedly improve your gaming experience. Using the factory pre-lubed gamakay switch, let's start a smooth typing travel.

4. PBT two-color Pudding Keycaps:

To provide a nice texture and good user experience, the K61pro is come up with the PTB pudding keycaps. The excellent oil resistance and high body transparency make lightning shine.

5. RGB Backlight: 1600 programable Light effect:

It is designed to illuminate the keyboard better backlight from the typist's angle with the premium shine-through PBT keycaps installed. 1600 programable light effects will let you create your moment.

6. Gasket Mount:

We put a silicon pad between the top and the bottom base to enhance the keyboard's stability and maintain the gasket structure's flexibility. The typing sound will get noticeable improvement.

7. Three connection drives:

Whether in wire, USB, or Bluetooth connections, the software can work perfectly, providing a convenient setting. The keyboard also supports firmware online upgrade service.

8. Automatic Mac/Win system recognition:

Built with automatic recognition for Mac/ Win systems, the k61pro can save your keyboard setting. The software can work fluently on Mac/Win systems.


  1. Brand: GamaKay
  2. Model: K61 Pro
  3. Version: TYPE-C Wired + Bluetooth 5.0+2.4GHz
  4. Button layout: 60% with 61 Keys
  5. Switch: GamaKay custom switches (Crystal, Phoenix, Bumblebee), Gateron switches(Red, Brown, Yellow)
  6. Keycap: PBT Pudding Keycaps/ Weather XDA Keycaps
  7. Lighting modes: 22 types
  8. Battery capacity: 3100mAh
  9. Structure: Gasket Mount
  10. Top cover and bottom cover: 7*16mm
  11. Size:305*114*23
  12. Shell material PMMA
  13. Product weight: 990G

Packing Included:

Common keycap version:
1 * Type-C Cable

1 * User Manual

1 * GamaKay K61 Pro 60% Triple Mode Acrylic Gasket Mount RGB Keyboard

Weather keycap version:
16 * Weather keycap
1 * Type-C Cable
1 * User Manual
1 * GamaKay K61 Pro 60% Triple Mode Weather keycap Acrylic Gasket Mount RGB Keyboard











Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Valentin Lim
Great keyboard for its price

Build quality is good, it looks fantastic and it is very nice to type on.

Dante Antepara


Janet Conaty

My grandson really likes it!

Fantastic Keyboard for Price, Software Could Use Some Work

Overall this keyboard feels good and is packed with a ton of features that are not normally at this price range. I got it with the Gatreon Yellows, which feel and sound great. The stabilizers are not too scratchy and feel decent to type on. Gasket mount and foam are definitely a positive as well. It is also nice to have the option between wired and wireless. The 2.4GHz adapter feels good and I don't notice any input lag. The RGB lighting on this keyboard is excellent. The semi-transparent acrylic case is super unique and looks great. At the time of writing, the Gamakay Driver Software (app version 220.2.56) feels clunky and a bit difficult to navigate. There is the option to remap function keys as well as macros which is fine. However the lighting portion of the software feels lacking. I would like to see features such as being able to save specific colors, and having multi-layer or multi-color customization. The software also ONLY controls the switch RGB's and there is no option to change the case RGB's on the software. To change to case lighting, you have to use function shortcuts. Either way, at this price point, this keyboard is one of the best in its class in terms of features and quality.


Good variety and quality of switches to choose from (go linear, trust me)
Gasket mount and foam
Great RGBs
Unique case design that really shows off its RGBs
Wired and wireless connection options
Decent Stabilizers
Good battery life

Software feels clunky and outdated (also the link to download the software is not provided on the product webpage)

Mikołaj Śliwiński
Nice keyboard

Aside from having to pay with USD even tho I’m from Poland both the keyboard and the shipping have worked flawlessly. I like the board, the only bad things I can say about it are that it smells weird and the two piece casing isn’t allowed completely perfectly, but that’s just nitpicking. I love this board and I think it’s well worth the price. Even the 60% layout that I thought would be problematic is perfectly fine and after a few hours of use I already have all of the key combos in my muscle memory. I recommend buying 9.5/10 (just take into consideration that this is my first ever mechanical keyboard)

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